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          Model: seca856

          Brand: SECA, Germany

          Water resistance scale to meet the specific requirements in its area of application


          Dimensions (W x H x D) :                    265 x 53 x 265 mm
          Capacity :                                            5 kg
          Graduation :                                        1 g<3 kg>2 g
          Weight :                                               1.9 kg
          Power Supply :                                   Batteries
          Functions :                                          TARE, Pre-TARE, HOLD, kg/lbs switch-over, Automatic switch-off

          - Specially sealed battery compartment keeps moisture away from the electronic parts
          - For hygien purpose, the sealed stainless steel surface can be cleaned easily
          - Fine 1g graduation to ensure highly precise results

          SECA Electronic Organ & Diaper Scale