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          Gyne/Practice Couch

          Model: 503P

          Brand: PLINTH, UK

          Examination couch for Gynecology/Practice


          - Electric operation

          - Extendable legrest (max. 20cm more)

          - Safe working load 250 kg

          - Dimension (L x W x H) : 189cm x 63cm x 46cm to 95cm

          - Sculpted seat section adjustment from +45o to -30o

          - Mid section (gynae backrest) angle adjustable from approx -0o to + 85o

          - Backrest adjustment from -20o to +85o

          - Stirrups, stainless steel tray and breathing slot equipped

          - 13cm hoist clearance

          - 16 years average lifespan

          - Firm and stable treatment surface

          - Comfort foam

          - Easy operation