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          Model: Variotherm Plus/ Hygrotherm Plus

          Brand: ATMOS, Germany

          In the ENT field tempered water is applied in two fields:

          - Ear irrigation at body temperature for removal of cerumen
          - Caloric stimulation of the vestibular system at variable temperatures


          Model: Variotherm Plus

          Electronically controlled flow heater (irrigation mode: 37oC, up to 450 ml/min)
          Cold and warm stimulation mode (to be preset from 20oC to 47oC) with time switching (1-99 s)
          Automatic flow limitation (150 ml/min)

          Model: Hygrotherm Plus

          Electronically controlled flow heater (37o C, up to 450 ml/min)

          - Energy-saving mode to reduce water and energy consumption
          - Highest temperature accuracy and safety for the patient

          Variotherm Plus: Detail Product Brochure

          Hygrotherm Plus: Detail Product Brochure

          ATMOS Variotherm/ Hygrotherm