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          Model: Strobe21 LED

          Brand: ATMOS, Germany

          Noiseless stroboscopy with LED technology.

          With the new ATMOS? Strobo 21 LED the user has a stroboscopy system with innovative LED technology. The LED technology has made soundless stroboscopy without reduction as well as vocal cord diagnostics with a flicker-less pilot light, standing image and slow motion mode possible. Most laryngoscopes are suitable for further use. Integrated audio output for archiving the audio signal. Freeze image with variable phasing and slow motion mode with frequency preselection are adjustable with foot switch. Display of voice frequency and sound pressure level, easy to read on a LCD display. Included in delivery is the sturdy, low-current and mobile coldlight source ATMOS? LS 21 LED which can easily be connected to existing endoscopes.

          Benefit from:

          - Noiseless stroboscopy thanks to innovative LED technology
          - Vocal cord diagnostics with jitter-free pilot light, freeze image and slow motion mode
          - Perfect white colour temperature

          - Extremely long service life of the light source (approx. 50.000 h)

          Detail Product Brochure

          ATMOS Strobe21LED