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          Model: Chair 41

          Brand: Atmos, Germany

          ATMOS breathes new life into your surgery.

          It is fully flexible in height with any inclination in any position. That is our interpretation of flexibility and individuality for each patient. We develop concepts that meet your specifications – the chair can be quickly and gently moved into an anatomically optimum examination position at the touch of a button. Patient well-being, security and sensitivity are not simply words. They represent the targets which ATMOS set for themselves when developing the innovative examination chair for gynaecological surgery.

          The most striking innovation …

          … is to answer the demand for a completely relaxed examination environment. The combination of comfortable, ergonomic leg holders and the pre-programmed precision control for each seating and horizontal position frees you from restrictions during gynaecological examinations. This means more convenience for you and increased comfort for your patients. Make the ATMOS Chair 41 Gyne your first choice and win your patient‘s approval.

          Detail Product Brochure

          ATMOS Gynaecological Examination Chair